The Tiniest Owners of Green Real Estate

A few time per year I head to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.  This year I went on a very cold day.  The Audubon volunteers had done a great deal of work to make sure visitors saw the camouflaged residents in the forest. 

Telescopes were aimed at nesting birds, hand written signs were tagged to railings by caterpillars like this saddle back, that mammoth grasshopper and other indications of digging in the soil or scratched trees to explain the activity to us city slickers.

I’m not sure which end is which on this critter.  The sign read “do not touch” and something to the effect of stinging or poison.  I took only pictures and left only footprints.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a huge expanse of protected natural old Florida, real estate with a wooden boardwalk fit for anyone including those with strollers or wheel chairs in tow.  There are benches for rest sprinkled throughout the boardwalk and a gift shop with snacks and all sorts of books and souvenirs.  

I highly recommend you go.  If it’s during the winter it’s a fun brisk excursion.  Even in the summer the canopy is cool.  The animals, plants and wild life vary wildly with season so it’s always different and worthy of multiple trips throughout the year.o

Map picture