Driving Range Estero


There's "Us" and "Them" in Golf - Justin [AKA Slice]

Just for the record, the "crime" part is my game, and the punishment is...my game too.  I've took a trip to the driving range for something to do. I don't know, it's kind of like bowling for me. Every few years you think to do it and when you do finally do it, you stink up the joint and embarrass yourself. At least I haven't been asked to leave the range, like my friend Justin. Seems there's a little league & pop warner field just beyond the super high fence to keep balls on the range. Justin's technique is so "advanced" he's able to make it over the fence and earned the nickname "Slice" - whatever that means. Apparently he has a low success rate on the driving range. He may as well shovel balls over that fence. I'm a hazard on the range, but Justin is a hazard and a loss. I know, those little leaguers are wearing helmets, but it's still dangerous.

Apparently there are 26 practice tees at the Estero Driving Range just for driving balls. Apparently? Well, somebody just told me that. I never counted them myself and frankly I am concentrating so hard to not hurt myself or anyone around me that the quantity of tees never entered my mind. Not even once. Don't get me wrong I have a deep respect for golfers and golfing. I understand what a challenge it is. Believe me, I understand it is a challenge because I'm a golfing failure. Don't worry, I've embraced that shortcoming. I'm more or less the comedy relief for whomever I'm golfing with.

My promise to you is: If you're at Golf Coast Driving Range in Estero, Florida and I show up. Number one, I'm sorry in advance and number two, you can ask me to stop until your done. I promise I will. Deal?

The Golf Coast Driving range is one of the few driving ranges open to the public in the Bonita Springs and Estero area. It's actually located by Estero High School on Williams Road and right beside the Estero Community Park.

Here's the skinny on the range! Happy driving, folks.

Golf Coast Driving Range is at:

9000 Williams Rd
Estero, FL 33928-3265
(239) 498-3900

It's near the railroad tracks, right beside Estero High School. I take back every time I curse sitting on those metal bleachers in a thunder and lightening storm. Ah, the good old days.