Bonita Beach Shoplifters

You have to love this picture.  It's about the worst of the worst criminals at Bonita Beach.  Don't turn your back on your sandwich or spill the Doritos or you will be circled with a couple of dozen of your new closest friends.  They'll use you and when your food is gone they will leave without even saying goodbye.  It's true.

If you're looking for some steals on Bonita Beach they're starting to pop up.  There are currently five homes on the Gulf of Mexico on Bonita Beach priced under $2,000,000.  I know what you're thinking $2,000,000?  Yes, they're a deal under $2M on Bonita Beach.  A few of them are quaint old Florida cottages.  You won't get an expanse of living area but you will get sand between your toes when you walk out the back door to feed the gulls.