Cost of Commuting

Cost of Commuting Calculator

Periodically, I get someone who contacts me looking for Bonita Springs real estate that will say something like, "Hey, I found MLS number 205582323 and it's only $142,000 and brand new, never lived in". It isn't in Bonita Springs, I'll tell you that much. My guess is Lehigh Acres or Cape Coral.

Turns out this one was in the Cape and basically hell and gone for this buyer to consider. They just feel like they're missing out on so much by not seeing it. Folks, there is a reason that home is about $100,000 less than Bonita Springs or Estero. It's in Cape Coral. It's 45 minutes away from FGCU, the college you want to send your child to. There is even a toll bridge to get off of. Figure that into the cost of communing, too.

Ah, yes, the cost of commuting. If you hadn't yet considered what it might really cost you to get from A to B once you pick a house, you might want to consider it. Gas prices are still crazy even though they came down a little but still. For a college student or first time home buyer it may have all the impact in the world.