Someone Here Has Coquina Breath

Do you know what a coquina is? It's just one of those little things that most people don't know or notice.They walk right by, on or over them at Bonita Beachor I guess most beaches, at least in Southwest Florida.

I’ve been working my shay-gee off for a spell and decided by declaration to go to the beach, as in my Bonita Beach today. Sunday.Work was involved in the first half of the day but I made it down later in the day.I ended up at beach access #5.Sandy at the sea oats and shells by the shore.You simply must go and try it out for yourself.

When I got warm on the beach I walked to the water and there were coquinas.Coquinas are pronounced: ko-KEE-nahz.I suspect Sarah Cooper will name a dog Coquina, right after she names one Coconino.

If you don’t know, coquinas are mini clams.There’s probably a more scientific answer but to you and me they’re mini clams. They’re no bigger than a thumb fingernail and usually far smaller.They’re offered in every delicious color you could image but never be able to duplicate at the Home Depot paint counter.

Coquinas become exposed by the pounding surf at the shore.When the wave or surf recedes they dig for their lives.Predators are looking to gobble them up. Fish, sandpipers and gulls.

Today, when I was studying the coquinas I remembered that many years ago, while driving fromBarefootBeachI heard one of my kids say in a tiny, teeny voice with tears brimmed in the lower lids, “Mommy, I swallowed a coquina.”I know.Why was a coquina in a child’s mouth?I don’t know either.Fact of the matter is, they’re so brilliant that the kid even wanted one.I told you the colors were *delicious*.Maybe the kid wanted to stow it away in her mouth for whatever reason, who knows.I sure don’t know.Whatever the reason, it all backfired and now, almost 15 years after the fact, I’m ratting her out.She’s a brilliant, former coquina eater, adult.Wonder why she doesn’t like sushi?

Now, just wait for the stories about the twin that ate quarters and a ball bearing from a tractor axel.I swear I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.