Platinum Coast

  Computer Repair in Bonita Springs, Florida 

Ok, I'm back in action.  Thanks to Platinum Coast Technology of Bonita Springs, again. (again and again) 

My laptop ended up getting gunky after Comcast installed some junk on it - booo!  It wasn't cooperating, freezing up, programs wouldn't open.  All sorts of bad stuff was just slowly getting worse.

Although I live in Bonita Springs only a few blocks from Platinum Coast Technology I always call and the technicians usually make a deal with me to call when things aren't so busy.  Yes, real people located in the USA answer the phone.  If they have a little less on their shelves to work on and they are slower, I'll have my computer in and out faster instead of it waiting in a cue. 

This time Dellilah (yes, she's a dell and I name everything) was there for a sleep over.  She's running like a champ thanks to Randy saving all my data and reinstalling my software and getting rid of whatever was fouling things up.  Randy also set me up with a great new back up system that is one click.   It can be programmed to back up daily, weekly or whatever.  I am mobile most of the time so it isn't plugged in for me to use that feature so we'll opt for the manual plug in on a weekly basis, programmed into Outlook for a reminder.

I'm thinking my next trip to Platinum Coast is for the external keyboard.  Because of my large load of blogging and code writing I go through keyboards.  Dell doesn't exactly make them durable or affordable either.  Currently my letter "N" is taped on and on the last key board the "P" was taped on.  I apparently have the strength of Midas in my fingers.  I joked with Randy that my right index finger and pinky are registered with the government as deadly weapons.  Don't make me use them!

Lucky for me the fella's at Platinum Coast don't laugh right at me about the band-aided keyboard.  I'm sure they wait for me to get in my car before they start.  I'm sure they need a laugh anyway.  They deal a lot of very frustrated people that come in at their whit's end, no doubt, that aren't laughing one bit.

Thanks for the fix up again Randy and Ray!

If you're looking for a place in Bonita Springs, Estero or North Naples to have your computer fixed, buy a new computer custom built for your specific needs or a great group of people to set up a network, call Platinum Coast Technology of Bonita Springs, Florida.  (at the very least, get that back up you've been putting off before you lose all your data) They're great people that take great care of their customers.  Locally owned, too!  Support the local Bonita Springs businesses and they'll support you.

Platinum Coast Technology is locate on US 41 - Tamiami Trail just a couple hundred feet north of the Imperial River Bridge (west side of the highway).  Phone: 239.949.1033  Tell them Chris sentcha!