Why Your Bonita Springs Home Isn't Selling ... Continued

Has the Bonita Springs real estate market slowed so much that it has rocked home owners and real estate agents to sleep like a baby swaddled in cloth? While showing real estate lately I've noticed some pretty sad sights. I wonder if anyone realizes that some of their listings need attention. Dated literature, spider webs, bees nests, mold, dead cock roaches and inflated prices are just a few eyesores I've stumbled across. Yes, inflated prices are eyesores. When the agents aren't paying attention to the listing they aren't paying attention to the prices falling around them either. They aren't keeping up with the Jones's.

Welcome Home

In the community of Marsh Landing there is a home with a key box so scary I was afraid to touch it. You know you've had a listing on the market a lifetime and a half when the key box looks this bad. I had actually seen the key box before and had a chance to show this overpriced home again and made sure I brought my camera. (Hey, the buyer wanted to see it or I would have saved the gas and not shown it.) Fortunately, the buyer I was with knows and understands my real estate blog and tolerated my "on the spot" photograph to be used on this post. That day was an adventure, for sure, as we were nearly attacked by a lunatic on Forest Ridge Drive. Apparently, there is a neighbor that could use a little chemical intervention and/or anger management classes. He had become hostile over my car parked in the street. He barged into the home I was showing, unannounced and unauthorized and let's just say I nearly soiled myself over the whole incident. I'm about 120 lbs soaking wet and I'm not match for the criminally insane. Uh, listing agents: Crazy neighbors are bad for business. Throw a warning if you know that parking by this knucklehead's mailbox is a no no and is hazardous to one's health.

Yesterday, while showing a short sale in The Reserve at Estero I noticed there was no electricity in the home. It seems that home or home owner either is close to foreclosure or they just don't know that they have no electricity. I'm not sure which. What I am sure of is that the Homeowner Association Disclosure was on the counter and dated May of '07. The figures were wrong because of date, because we're in March of '08. Hello?! The fancy-schmancy flyer for this home was no more than a stale MLS print out, dated November '07 with the price at $300,000ish but the home was currently listed at $250,000. I wonder when the last time the agent was in the home, quite frankly. I wonder if the lack of attention could have contributed to the home not selling. There certainly is a lot of competition in the neighborhood both resale and new. The builder has product priced at $229K for about the same size home - with a warranty and the A/C is running so the thought of mold growing isn't in the front of the buyers mind.

Just last Wednesday I was showing a home in Village Walk of Bonita Springs. The water was off, which is not a big deal because the water is turned off to prevent a flood in a vacant home. What is the big deal is that the drains and traps had all of the water evaporated out of it. The house smelled like death because sewer gas was coming up the drains. It would take no more than a few minutes to turn the water on and run the water to stop the gas from coming in. This Capri III home was reduced all the way down to about the $210,000 price point. I wonder if it would sell if it didn't smell like crap.

It might be time for everyone just to shake themselves awake and revamp their marketing or idea of marketing. Sellers and agents alike need to freshen up their homes, paperwork, marketing materials, etc. Either get in the game or get out of the game. If you're not serious about selling the home then just take it off the market. It's muddying the water and wasting everyone else's time and money.

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