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Choosing a Bonita Springs Florida Listing Agent 

There is a phenomenon in “easy” real estate market that goes on from time to time where a home seller will interview a few agents and choose the agent who gives them the estimated list price they wanted to hear.  Sometimes, the agent they choose is one of the weaker links in real estate chain with a lower level of experience, new to the business of real estate and/or unfamiliar with the neighborhood. 

Listen, I understand.  When a home seller is thinking of listing their Bonita Springs home they probably think it is better than every other home for sale in town.  Every home owner is proud of their home but there is generally merit in the pricing guide that your more experienced real estate interviewees have given you. 

I can count several homes where I have interviewed the owner to see if I would take it on as a listing.  (Yes, I also may not want your home in my inventory.)  I’ve had to excuse myself from more than one opportunity to list a home for sale. There are also difficult properties to sell and also home owners who aren’t realistic with either the real estate market, current inventory or the price vs. potential to appraise. 

Approaching my second decade of helping home sellers with their real estate, I know that I offer great advise backed by thorough market research  and statistics.  I collect and process that real estate data so that I can tell a home seller the probability of time it will take to sell the home, the price it will likely appraise at, at the high and low ends plus the likelihood of how a potential buyer will fund the home. 

Since we’ve entered a “low skill” real estate market there is an ample supply of new agents coming to the market who will take any listing at any price just to get a listing.  Don’t be tempted to fall for the highest list price and forget that you need a skilled  and strong listing agent to get that home sold … and closed.

Much like a contractor can “qualify” their estimate for a remodel by making sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Strong listing agent candidates should be able to qualify the list price and marketing program that will be used to sell your home.  If, for example, they agree to sell their home $25,000 above all of the other values maybe the question should be asked of the agent,  how are you finding that additional $25,000 value?  If the other real estate agent or agents do not find that value perhaps you should ask them to explain how they came up with their valuation and ask if they could have overlooked something that the other agents saw.  You really need dialogue to get to the heart of the matter which may mean actually determining the best agent and discussing whether or not you can test drive the higher price for two weeks, for example, and reducing to the market value after that.  You will have realized that there was no equity left on the table and also not eaten in to “"days on market” time which makes your home look stale.

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