The Goats on Sandy Lane Estero Fl

And he said to me in the softest Swiss accent, “If you didn’t bring me food, then why are you here?”

I drive by these goats all the time and you probably do, too.  They’re on Sandy Lane between Corkscrew Road and Broadway by the Fig Tree and The Groves.  The Groves is a neighborhood that was built in an area that was once … an orange grove.

Since I was visiting my friend Zippy and his gal and I mentioned the goats they offered to take me over to meet them.  They *swore* they were friendly and that the owners wouldn’t mind us visiting.

We pulled up and they said to toot the horn and they’d pay attention.  I did, then I scrambled out of the car to take the pictures.  It was like Bonanza … with goats!

IMG_3634IMG_3636IMG_3638    IMG_3641

I don’t know how many there were but there were dozens of them.  They all seemed good natured but I didn’t touch them because they’re not my goats and I’m all about not getting bitten or horned by a goat.  Besides, you know I was most certainly not wearing practical shoes to be able to escape killer goats. 

They all seemed nice and some got up close to see if I had any offerings of food or weeds. Goat Goat Goat Goat IMG_3650 IMG_3657

… and as fast as they came to check us out, they realized there was no food in our possession and they left in a cloud of dust.  Fickle little creatures.

Goat Dust