Bonita Springs Mailbox

Stuff a Big Check To The Red Cross in There!

This week I cut down Pennsylvania Avenue in Bonita Springs to get to Dolly's on Bonita Beach Road.  I call the area, as do many others, the State Streets because they're all, uh, named after states.  I was driving down Michigan which connects Pennsylvania to Bonita Beach and passes this mailbox up and went back for a photo.  It was a shame I didn't have my camera.  99.9% of the time I have it and darned if I didn't this time.  I took a blurry picture with my Treo and headed back bright and early the next morning to get another photo with the purple glory's open.

Turns out the homeowner was on his porch smokin' a marlboro and just thought I was plain weird for photographing his mailbox.  His mailbox is in a chair, and he's judging me?  Alrighty, then.  What I found funny was later that day I took the same shortcut down Michigan.  I wanted to see if the flood water had receded.  I found the mailbox was on a post.  I think I embarassed the man into putting his mailbox on a post!  My civic duty is done.

By the looks of this sunny, flowery picture you'd never know there was a flood in Bonita Springs. Just a half mile away homes were in four feet of water.

At any rate, I'll have you know that the water is still high and there is a need for help at the Estero Community Center.  There are currently 481, I'll say it slow so you grasp it:  That is FOUR HUNDRED - EIGHTY ONE people who are in the shelter that could use some help, desperately.  There are a few ways you can help.  If you're looking for things to do this weekend grab an idea from this list:

  1. Make out a check to the Red Cross and note on it "Bonita Springs Flood Victims". The Red Cross provides medical, as well as mental help to the people who are overwhelmed by their circumstances.
  2. Purchase and deliver undergarments of any size for all ages to the Community Center or Salvation Army.  If money is tight, buy a 3 pack of kids jockey's or panties and drop them by.  The kids don't deserve to suffer - spare five bucks.
  3. Drop off a box of diapers or baby formula for the infants and toddlers.
  4. Mens work boots are needed, as well as, mens denim jeans in smaller sizes. Many of the folks who are at the mercy of the flood water are without clothing and even work boots to support their families.
  5. Go to the center and volunteer to help the Red Cross serve those in the shelters.  They are providing meals for nearly 500 people, three times per day and can use your helping hands.

Thank you, on behalf of the displaced families, for any little thing you can do to help.