Miami Marlins From Bonita Springs

Catch a Home Game Miami Marlins | 151/365 Things to Do

The beauty of Florida being such a narrow state is the east coast is just a short drive away.  It’s only about an hour and a half to Fort Lauderdale. It’s not unusual for Bonita Springs residents to use east coast airports to catch more appealing flights to international destinations.  Miami is just a little further than Fort Lauderdale so when the Mets come to play the Marlins we’ve gone over for a game or two.

Our last adventure from SWFL involved taking the whole family to see a game. We loaded up in a few cars, met a few other family members in Naples and high tailed it to the game. In total there were about ten of us who attended the game. It’s an easy drive over and good wholesome entertainment. Our littlest just loved it and was amazed that when the game was over the ceiling rolled back!  Yes, the stadium is air conditioned. That means everything in Florida.

Sadly, the games aren’t that popular these days but the good news is that you have great choices of the best seats.  Go to the game and eat some fun stadium food. Your kids will love it.

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