Ginnie Springs Day Trip from Bonita Springs

Camping at Ginnie Springs 113/365 Things to Do

Located just six or so short hours North of SWFL is a natural spring called Ginnie Springs. It’s northwest of Gainsville, Florida.  At Ginnie Springs the water is a cool 72 degrees all year round. If you have a love for scuba diving there are many caves and things you can explore. We choose to stay above the water on canoes, kayaks, and inner tubes.

We choose to rent an RV in Bonita Springs and then we drove up and spent the weekend at Ginnie Springs. They have full electric and water hook up sites as well as some tent sites by the river. With over 200 acres of wooded area to camp you can choose different sites to suite your camping needs.

Upon arrival and after setting up our RV we set out to the water. Aiden and Madison really enjoyed how crystal clear the water was. They enjoyed watching the scuba divers from above.

We took our floats and kayak and headed down the river. We just let the current take us down stream. This was a fun experience. We got to people watch everyone else who was floating down the river and checked out their choice of floats. The kids were a little out of their element at first but quickly enjoyed just floating peacefully down river. Madison got a little sleepy about ½ way down and fell asleep in the canoe.

You can choose to stay for the weekend or they have a daily rate. There is a little general store on the property for supplies and last minute provisions. I recommend trying to remember all your essentials to avoid paying Disney prices on property. They do have an air hose so you can inflate all of your water toys. If you are looking for fun things to do with the family Ginnie Springs is just a short drive away.