Gulfcoast Towne Center Calistoga

Gulfcoast Town Center Dining & Wifi

Today, my action packed adventures have taken me back and forth across Lee County far.  In the middle of my day I shuttled my parents from their home in Bonita Springs to the SW Florida International Airport so they can fly home to Amherst, Ohio for Christmas.  BOO!  I don't think they're going up just to spend it with their small grandchildren.  It's to see my brother who is the favorite, I'm sure.  Clearly, they're masking their motivation.  Let there be snow and tons of it.  Blizzard of '78 anyone?

As luck would have it my friend Mae called as I was leaving the airport and on my way to check my Stoneybrook home listing.  Mae was just leaving FGCU.  We decided to grab lunch at the new Gulfcoast Town Center which is just north of the college and Miromar Lakes.  I was hoping to hit the new Pita Pit but instead we ended up next door at the Calistoga Bakery.  I've included a few photos (yes, I'm with camera at all times) because it's an awesome eatery.  The lounge area reminds me of a ski resort with big overstuffed chairs, coffee tables, stone fireplace and wifi anywhere you can pick up a signal.  I guess that would make it BETTER than a ski resort because, in my opinion, ski resorts have crappy wifi and they charge for it, too.

Calistoga also has great outdoor seating.  It's an excellent stop for fast lunch or a long coffee to check email - tons of seating, super clean and nearly spankin' new.

Gulfcoast Towne Center WIFI

I welcome anyone's review of any other stores, restaurants or shops at Gulfcoast Town Center.  I just am not a shopper and it would save me tremendous anguish and pain to let you personally review your favorite spot at this mall.  Just call or email Chris.  239-273-7430 So, save a REALTOR, save the world and mail me a review of your favorites at Gulfcoast Town Center or a review of the place where you work.