Views in Bonita Bay

The View in Bonita Bay is the Resale Value

The last few weeks I have spent in Bonita Bay showing homes and condos.  I’ve worked with buyers looking at entry level condos and buyers who were looking at single family estate homes.  The one thing they all have in common is the surprise at prices and the fact that sometimes you don’t get “update” or “spanking new remodel” at that price. 

What price is that?  Well, right now condos in Bonita Bay are just under $300,000 to get into the neighborhood.  Those condos are nice but could use some updates. Formica cabinets, Formica counters or even original, 1989 décor and furniture come with it.  How do you know if you’re getting a good value when you purchase a home that needs remodeled?  First, you look at the absorption rates to make sure the market is going up.  Second, you don’t buy the design/décor you buy the view.  I realize that not everyone wants to or has the ability to remodel a condo but it will so pay for itself if you do.

One of the condos I showed this week was a condo priced around $290,000. It was partly updated and the view was of a landscaped area and of the neighboring building.  The next condo was original everything but it had this view above.  This view is saleable in one month, one year, one decade away.  You might have to grit your teeth at the interior but that view is going to be the selling feature in a few years when the market levels or changes.