Bunche Beach Kayak Rental Fort Myers Florida Things to Do

Bunche Beach Kayak Rental For MyersWe have enjoyed Bunche Beach, for years. No loud bars in the background, not many spring breakers, just a quiet space between Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island, with a more natural beach area. This is a short drive from Bonita Springs or Estero Florida and very doable for a half day or a full day adventure.

Several years ago, the county built a structure at Bunche Beach for bathrooms and a parking area with kayak launches. We have seen the Kayak Excursions people and even talked to them, but never jumped at the chance. My daughter has begged me to go kayaking for a couple of years, so I thought, "Why not check them out?"

Today, I decided was the day. We drove to Bunche Beach and parked (I was so excited, I forgot to pay my parking fee.) and headed over to the launch area. Three hours of kayak rental for less than $60! They gave us map and directions...oohhh directions? I thought we kayaked to the left and out to the beach...but there is so much more!

The route they suggested took us through an extended mangrove tunnel, so peaceful and calming. Exiting the tunnel, you can steer left and see manatees, steering right takes you past some beautiful homes and the southern end of Bunche Beach, which we have never been to. After 20 years visiting this beach and we didn't know there was more.

Sand bars and shallow waters allow for littles to safely search for hermit crabs and conch, wading in the water, and serene surroundings for this momma bear.

It takes about 20 minutes to leisurely paddle out to the beach, then today, we had the wind to our backs for the return trip.

This kayak adventure is definitely worth the time and and the price is right!

PS: the gentlemen at the Bunche Beach Kayak rental prefer you have reservations, although we did not.

Written by Tess Brennan and CLB, special to Life In Bonita Springs.