Bonita Springs Thrift Shop Surfing | 227/365 Things to Do

THrift Store Bonita SpringsBonita Springs has so many thrift stores.  Why does Bonita Springs have so many thrift stores? Because we are the land of second homes.   Many people who move here from outside of the area purchase their new home in Bonita Springs turnkey furnished!

That means that the homes that they purchase are not only furnished but outfitted with everything down to the silverware. It’s a great start for someone who needs the furniture but many home buyers donate the furniture to local charities and it is sold in their thrift stores. I’ve outfitted rentals for myself by using these great stores, myself. 

If you’re about to jump into a new hobby or sport it is worth your while to check the local thrift stores in Bonita Springs for discounted gear.  It is definitely worth the look. We’ve been assembling puzzles as a family and getting them for pennies on the dollar.  Our last puzzle was $3.99 in the thrift store but is $134 on Amazon. I know!  Who would pay that much for a puzzle?

A great resource for both consignment and thrift stores in Bonita Springs is the Happy Thrifter.  You can visit their Facebook page for more information, here: