Bonita Beach Surfers Living Dangerously

Bonita beach surfer

As you can see, there is no danger.  Sunday morning I ran to Bonita Beach to see if the surf was sucked out because of Hurricane Gustov in the Gulf.  I was hoping to see it rough and blowing but no dice.  There were surfers that thought the same the that I did.  Someone should have brought a deck of cards because there wasn't much happening.  I've seen bigger waves on a random Tuesday in January.

At any rate, there were a few die hards that showed up and gave it their best.  A fella on a long board had the best success surfing Bonita Beach.  A couple of young men told me to go to the north end of Bonita Beach by the rocks this afternoon and evening if I wanted to see some waves and see the big boys surf.  I just might take them up on that.  This will be a first....first a Bonita Springs surf report, then a morning AND an evening surf report.

There is public parking at that end of the beach if you want to see Bonita Beach surfers in action.  It's right across from Solenzara, the old site of the Rooftop Restaurant for you old timers.  A few more pictures of the Bonita Beach surfers:

Bonita beach surfer

Bonita beach surfer

bonita beach surfer long board

hurricane gustov bonita beach

Above you'll see the long streak clouds which are part of Hurricane Gustov's rain bands.

long board bonita beach surf

I swear this guy kept doing "The Crane" from Karate Kid.

bonita beach sea gulls

The birds were indifferent to the surfers.

bonita beach surfers

They gave it a go, but had short boards and, well, there are a million jokes I can do here.

bonita beach surf

Waiting for a wave....something?  Anything?  Hurricane, my foot!

bonita beach surf board

He grabbed one!

bonita beach surf board

The end.  Until later this afternoon at the north end of Bonita Beach by the rocks.  I'll be the one with opalescent skin and a digital camera.