Bonita Springs SF homes Under 500K

Bonita Springs SF Home Negotiating Power Under 500K

If you're looking for an entry level home in the Bonita Springs Florida area you need to know your negotiating power, the absorption rate to make sure you do not leave money on the table.  Every single segment of the Bonita Springs real estate market is different.  This particular segment of Bonita Springs home sales is moving faster than most segments.  What does that mean to buyers in Bonita Springs?

  • Homes in better condition sell faster.
  • Homes outside of flood zones sell faster.
  • Homes with newer roofs sell faster.
  • Homes with better insurance rates sell faster
  • Homes in the best condition sell faster.
  • Newer homes east of 75 meet many buyer needs.
  • Homes closer to US 41 are popular due to proximity.

If you’re ready to buy or sell an entry level priced home in the Bonita Springs area let us help you strategize on how to get the best results that will save you money and time!