Postage & Package Shipping For Impatient People

The City of Bonita Springs has two full service post office locations; one on Bonita Beach Road and one on Old 41 Road.  If you didn’t know it, the USPS store on Old 41 Road has an automated postal center. 

If you’re not from the area you may not know how long the lines get in our post office, especially during tourist season.  Christmas and Easter week are especially bad.  Since this machine went in the lines are a little shorter and people like me, that can’t stand waiting in line while daylight is burning are using it.

It’s pretty easy to use and you can’t make mistakes.  It’s a touch screen that’s easy to use.  Consumers can quickly and easily buy stamps, ship packages, ship large envelopes, you name it.  When you get your order completed the way you want it, you swipe your debit or credit card. Poof … and you’re out the door just like me.

If you’d like to skip the line and use the automated postage machine visit the Bonita Springs post office on Old 41 Road.  Here’s a map to the store:

Bonita Springs Post Office