Bonita Springs Vacation Rental

Bonita Springs Real Estate Rental Tips

The Bonita Springs rental market is alive and thriving in Southwest Florida. A large inventory of both condominiums and single family homesin Bonita Springs and Estero Florida are available in a variety of neighborhoods. There are a few things to consider, if you are a tenant, when renting a home in the Bonita Rental Home areas.

1. There can be up to a 30 day waiting period BEFORE you can move in to a Bonita Springs rental or Bonita Springs Vacation Rental. If the property you've set your heart on is in a community with a condominium or homeowners association there may be tenant applications, credit checks, and possibly a background check.

2. Some condominium/homeowner associations have vehicle limits (the quantity of automobiles a rental unit can have) and restrictions to vehicle styles. Some rental restrictions include: No pick up trucks, no RV's, no commercial trucks, no boat trailers or no motorcycles.

3. Most rentals in Bonita Springs have pet restrictions beyond what the owner chooses as a rental restriction. Home owner associations often have policies in place restriction the home from allowing pets for tenants. If pets are permitted, most typically, no aggressive breed dogs are not permitted by anyone; whether an owner or a tenant. Other limitations may include the number of dogs per unit is limited and sometimes the weight of the dog is limited. Remember, just because you see a dog in the complex doesn't mean a tenant is permitted to have one on site. Also, the rules can be different for renters than owners.

Don't rush off to rent a Bonita Springs vacation rental at the last minute without knowing some of the facts and restrictions that can apply to tenants and lessees. A qualified real estate professional can help you navigate through the application process and help you find the home that suits you and your lifestyle.

If you have questions about renting a home or condominium in Bonita Springs or Estero Florida ask a real estate professional. If you are a FGCU student looking for housing, keep in mind that there is a rental book on site at FGCU where local home and condominium owners have placed their homes for your review. The homes are offered by motivated landlords with homes close to the campus.

If you will be a tenant in a Bonita Springs rental you may also want to consider renter's insurance to protect your personal property.

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