Bonita Springs Board of Elections

Every Vote Counts Bonita Springs!

For crying out loud, people fought and died for you to be able to vote, the least you can do is register and drop your ballot in the box.  There is a push both city wide in Bonita Springs and county wide, Lee County, to get record numbers of voters to register.  There are many issues that need the attention of Bonita Springs residents.

Time is running out to be registered for the next election and the coming Bonita Springs Mayoral Election.  The elections offices will remain open December 31, even though it's New Year's Eve, but there are many other ways to register to vote.  It really is as easy as 1-2-3.  If you're reading this it means you have access to a computer - print out the registration and mail it by the end of the week and you're registered to vote in Bonita Springs.

There is a great story in the News Press about it.


  • Elections main office, 2480 Thompson St., downtown Fort Myers
  • Bonita Springs branch, 24951 Old 41 Road #10
  • Cape Coral branch, 1031 S.E. 9th Place #3
  • East County Regional Library, 881 Gunnery Road, Lehigh Acres
  • Lee County Elections Center, 13180 S. Cleveland Ave., south Fort Myers
  • Any public library*
  • Department of Motor Vehicles offices*
  • Any public assistance*
  • About 300 banks and businesses*

You can also simply print up a registration from the elections Web site, . It must be postmarked by Dec. 31 and sent to the elections main office. The elections offices will remain open Dec. 31, even though it's the New Year's Eve holiday.

* Call 533-8683 to find these locations.