Bonita Springs Moisture

When Silence is Golden

So what happens when you tangle with a Bonitian like me? You get tazered, that's what. You'd have to personally know me to know that I have joked with a couple of the guys at the office, lunged at them and put the prongs on them and said bzzzt. OK, I know that is a form of terror but that's how you treat family. Besides, it's not a tazer. It just looks menacing enough like one or what one would imagine one could look like.

This handy little gadget is a moisture detector. It's one of the top secret items in my toolbox arsenal that I rarely have to pull out but when do it's usually a serious matter. Periodically, there is a strange spot on a wall, ceiling or trim that you're just not sure what it is so you put the little prongy pokey things (I don't mean to get all technical on you) on it and press the black button under my thumb. So simple, even a brunette with a few grays can use it. If you have moisture it makes noise. Yeah, you want silence with this one. Any sound it makes is just a degree of bad news.

Recently, I had a listing appointment and there was a spot on the ceiling that the owners had never noticed. It really wasn't large but it was odd. I grabbed a ladder from the garage and used my tester on the spot and we determined that the roof was actively leaking. The rainy season has started in Bonita Springs and just enough water got through to cause a spot. Fortunately this owner was interviewing a real estate agent with game and tools. They also have a newer roof that is still in warranty so it's going to be fixed shortly.

There are a couple of reasons why this device is important to me and anyone that I'm working for. Beside the fact that the spot was determined to be active right away so that it could be fixed it also kept the owners from climbing the latter and risking hurting themselves or guessing for weeks about the condition of the spot and having it get worse and causing more damage. Simple tools and gadgets save time and money. You can pick one of these cuties up under 100 bucks. Am I a nerd to have gadgets like this? Maybe I am, but I've also learned this: The nerdy REALTOR®.gets the worm. Bzzzt!