Rain in Bonita Springs

The Front Rolls In | Bonita Springs

It has just occurred to me that I take my share of photos in traffic toolin' around Bonita Springs. Maybe it's because I'm always in the car, maybe I am just bored behind the wheel. I was heading south at about 3:45 and drove right into this front. This photo is one of a few photos I took behind the wheel, today. It was in front of the Coconut Point Mall by Marsh Landing in Estero. Is it photo worthy? Probably not.

Then why did I take a picture of it? It's a first sign of summer. When I first moved to Bonita Springs over 20 years ago I remember the storms coming at 4:00 p.m. every day, just like clockwork. This is a summer storm to me ... it's just about two months early. We don't get rain like this in April. We need it, I'm not complaining. It is just unusual.

Earlier in the day I was showing Divosta Capri III units in Village Walk of Bonita Springs. The lakes are low by several feet. The buyers and I walked the Town Center and even remarked that the white puffy clouds had traces shades of gray, just like summer clouds. We should have known that that front was coming. This is day number two of afternoon rains, as a matter of fact.

bonita springs touristThe second sign of summer being here was a car hauler. You know, one of those tractor trail trucks that stacks cars on it. It was parked in The Brooks and loading all of its cars to be reunited with their drivers in the great white and melting north.

We'd like to thank our tourists for visiting. Don't forget to come back this summer and snag a deal on Bonita Springs real estate!