Bonita Springs Home Sales March 2017

Home Sales in Bonita Springs Florida

One of the most notable figures this month is the “under $200,000” price sales figures of about 15% of the real estate market.  I just randomly chose to go back two years ago … in March of 2015, the $200,000 and under price point accounted for nearly 25% of our property sales.   If you’ve ever wondered if prices were going up or going down, this shows you that scarcity of inventory is selling off the entry level priced properties and raising the entry level prices of homes in Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida.  Real also: March 2015 Market Statistics

Real estate scarcity is regional so some neighborhoods have bidding wars for homes while others offer the luxury of time to search for the best property. If you need help finding out what type of real estate market you will be dealing with if it’s time for you to buy call or text  Angela at 239-728-7599.

The foreclosure and short sale market is nearly history. We get one or two per month at this time.

The majority of home buyers are cash buyers followed by conventional mortgages. Long story short, if you’re a homes seller your listing agent should have let you know that we’re about 64% cash and 29% conventional mortgages.  Cash purchases tend to run a little heavier during the winter tourist season, historically.

Unit sales of real estate in the Bonita Springs area is steady.  Our prices should remain stable and homes priced up to  $400,000 should continue to sell swiftly after we get through graduation season.  We’ll be a little slow toward the end of May and the first few weeks of June.  Our summer “be-back” buyers will return at the end of June and through July.  Those folks who fell in love with SWFL have been following the real estate market up north and will make a special trip back to buy.  Remember, the current statistics are 8,000-10,000  Americans are turning 65 daily right now.  If they’re retiring to warmth they’re coming to Florida. Brace yourselves.

If you’d like to learn more about the Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida real estate market contact Chris Griffith by text or phone 239-273-7430.