Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Stats Feb 2017

Bonita Springs Home Sales Statistics Feb 2017

If you watch the Bonita Springs real estate market closely you have noticed that our cash sales have slowly been tapering off. Whether it’s caused by the tourist season or the Trump bump the buyers have opened their wallets and purchased with a little more cash in the month of February.

A few other noticeable changes have been the the short sales and foreclosures are nearly non-existent.  There was only one closed sale of each.  Back in the you could throw a rock and hit a distressed property.  Now, well, we still have buyers come to Bonita Springs and ask for foreclosures but I have to share with them that the foreclosure boat has sailed and the banks aren’t selling them at a discount any more.

The real estate units sold is healthy and stable. If there was more property to list and sell in the entry level the stats would be higher.  Affordable housing is difficult to find in southwest Florida. Home buyers in Bonita Springs often must look in South Fort Myers for affordable homes.  The San Carlos Park area and Three Oaks Corridor often have homes at more affordable prices than the Bonita Springs market shows.

If you’d like to learn more about the current state of the Bonita Springs real estate market contact Chris Griffith by phone/text 239-273-7430.


Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Update Feb 2017