Bonita Springs Home Sales Stats may 2015

Bonita Springs Home Sales Statistics May 2015

May 2015 marks the first time that I have prepared the real estate market stats for Bonita Springs and Estero … with an audience.  I’ve brought a family member on board so I have a little birdie on my shoulder learning the ropes, now. When I was collecting the numbers for the statistics Angela asked my why I prepared market reports.  The short answer was that consumers, both buyers and sellers, need to know the statistics especially in a market where inventory is tight.  Further I explained that if she was trying to help someone buy a home priced under $200,000 it would be important to know that it was only about 20%of our market right now and getting smaller and smaller because the bottom of the real estate market is selling off.  It was about 60% of our market a few years back.Bonita Springs Home Prices

What Price Bonita Springs Homes Sold in May 2015

It's really been interesting to watch the market over the sixteen years that I've been a real estate agent. I know that whether you're a buyer or a seller you need to know the real estate market, inside and out.  The amount of distressed sales; short sales and foreclosures and even the historical data sales data.  How else would a consumer understand whether we are in a buyer or seller market. The truth is in the numbers.

Historical Bonita Springs Sales May 2015

Historical Bonita Springs Sales May 2015

If you're curious about the rate of sales or the actual units sold; is real estate selling?  You'll notice a consistent few years of home and condo sales in Bonita Springs and Estero.  Three consistent years of nearly identical sales rates. We've been going back 11 years so we can include the "boom year" of 2005 for comparison purposes.

Financing Bonita Springs Home Sales

How Bonita Springs Homes Are Financed

Cash remains king in Bonita Springs home and condo sales.  It's slightly lower than it has been in the past few months but part of that could be because of low interest rates combined with an ascending real estate market.  Prices are climbing, the bottom is selling off and those would-be cash buyers are sometimes forced to finance a purchase slightly above their original intended real estate buying budget.

Distressed Real Estate Sales

Bonita Springs Foreclosures & Short Sales

Slightly less than 4% of our real estate market that closed sales was considered distressed. The distressed property, which consists of foreclosures and short sales, improves every day.  Our current, active listings in the MLS indicate that we only have slightly over 4% of our active listings considered to be distressed.  The graphic for the active listings market is below:

Foreclosures in Bonita Springs

If you'd like to download or print the graphs from this real estate market report: Click Here for a .pdf version.