Bonita Springs Real Estate Ticket

You Gotta Enter to Win

Would you believe that things are picking up? What would it take for you to believe things are picking up? Well, Bonita Springs real estate is picking up. Watching the agents working at my own office and even at other offices it is clearly evident that conditions are improving.

Every month, somewhere around the 10th of the month I do inventory and absorption rate reports for the Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida real estate market. That means that today, the May report is done, finished, ready for your review. I compile the last three years sales numbers so you can compare the month of May report to May '07 and May '06 and judge for yourself. As usual the numbers are gathered from the MLS system which is deemed accurate and not guarantee. The statistics were gathered on June 09, 2006. If there were a few pokey pants that didn't record their sales by then the numbers might be off slightly - I didn't do it. If they didn't record their closed real estate sales that means things could have even looked better than the increases you see below:

Bonita Springs Real Estate Report

There are a couple of reasons why the real estate market may be picking up in Bonita Springs and Estero. As predicted by economists, financial experts and maybe even a keen real estate agent the market is nearing the time where prices have bottomed and interest rates are beginning to rise. It's sort of like the sweet spot where prices going any lower are offset by interest rate hikes. This means it might your time to buy Bonita Springs real estate. If you've been holding out, you'll want to start paying attention - really close attention. You may want to speak with a lender and get your prequalification done prior to writing offers.

The absorption rates have even dropped by a few months compared to last month. The links to March and April absorption rates are below the graph.

May apsorption rate bonita springs

If you're thoroughly into numbers and you're dying to see the March and April reports and rates of absorption to compare, have at it:

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Report April 2008

Bonita Springs Market Conditions - March 2008