The 2015 winter tourism and buying season is winding down slowly. Believe it our not we’re still pending record numbers of sales in the Bonita Springs and Estero Florida area.  Savvy home buyers have come to town and have firmly grasped our market. If they are not the Bonita Springs area when their opportunity arrives in this low inventory market.  Read also: Buying a Bonita Springs Home Long Distance.

Speaking of record real estate sales, we’re still on fire, cash leads the market and our distressed real estate is running low. Here are some of the statistics and market reports for Bonita Springs and Estero Florida home sales.

Bonita Springs Real Estate


Home Sales in Bonita Springs Florida

For those curious about what price homes are selling in Bonita Springs and Estero,  the graph above shows that nearly 73% of homes sold were priced under $400,000. That means if you’re a home buyer in that price range you might have to battle to land a property. Inventory is low and we watch homes come in go in a day, sometimes hours.

Bonita Springs Home Sales


Home Financing in Bonita Springs Florida

If you find you’re battling to get a property and you’ve had a few of them slip through your fingers, here is a graph that shows why.  About 62% of our home sales in Bonita Springs are paid for with cash.  Cash is king and many home sellers and Bonita Springs listing agents guide their sellers to take the cash thereby eliminating the financing contingency and reducing their risk of not closing sale.

graph (3)

Bonita Springs Historical Homes Sales

Even though our numbers are slightly down from last year, it’s still a healthy market and I’ve included sales in 2005 just so that you can compare the recent few years of the market to “the boom year”.  We’re basically level and selling consistently.  Sales continue and our distressed inventory is evaporating.

graph (2)

Distressed Homes Bonita Springs FL

Closed home sales in the Bonita Springs, Estero Florida area last month show that distressed sales were just under 6% of our real estate market.   We’ve had as little as 4% of our market distressed.  Since the bottom is coming up there are fewer short sales because home owners are able to sell and cash flow.

graph (1)

Distressed Homes in Bonita Springs

Our active real estate market indicates less than 3.5% of all real estate listings are “distressed” meaning they are a short sale or a foreclosure.  This is a very healthy real estate market. Not totally healed but it’s in great shape.  Feel free to download this free copy of the graphs above in .pdf form.  

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Report March 2015

If you have questions about buying or selling real estate in the Bonita Springs or Estero Florida market, give Chris a call or send a text message to 239-273-7430.