Bonita Springs Real Estate Funded

Bonita Spring Real Estate Financing

Believe it or not the the "cash" figure is low this month for Bonita Springs real estate sales.  The Bonita Springs area has been experiencing over 70% cash transactions in the recent past.  Conventional mortgage accounts for the second largest funding source of real estate. 

Distressed Bonita Springs real estate

Bonita Springs Distressed Real Estate

This month had a few percent more than months prior.  Our distressed real estate market is evaporating, the under water homes have slowly come above water. The foreclosures have sold off and we have fewer short sales than ever.

Historical Bonita Springs real estate statistics

Historical Real Estate Statistics

We're keeping pace with units sold in the 2005  boom year.  Prices have continued to climb.  As a result there are fewer choices in the 100K and under price point. It is a matter of time before there is no real estate for sale under 100K.  At time of  publication there were only twenty-two listings of homes and condos under $100K, excluding manufactured homes.

Bonita Springs real estate prices

Bonita Springs Real Estate Prices

This is only the third month in a row that the $200-400K price range has out paced the $200K and under price point ... because the 100K and under price point of real estate is vanishing.  What this means is that in the $400K and under price point it is certainly a sellers market. It is not uncommon to see multiple offers on well priced real estate, especially if it's in good condition,

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