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The REAL State of Bonita Springs Real Estate

What do you make of about ninety-two percent “regular sales” in Bonita Springs real estate? As in, ninety-two percent of the real estate sold in Bonita Springs and Estero is NOT distressed which means it is not a short sale or a foreclosure.  Pretty significant, but you won’t hear it on the news so I thought I’d tell you myself.  Hyper local blogging has it’s privileges and I hope you understand the difference between national economist SAYING something and a dedicated real estate professional looking up the facts and posting them for the southwest Florida consumer to benefit.


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Price Range of Bonita Springs Real Estate is Selling

If you’re curious what is moving out there in the real estate market, this graph lets you know that the 400K and under market is on fire and dwindling in supply.  The luxury real estate market is taking off and sustaining sales through the summer.

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Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Recovered

This is a snap shot of the “month of May” closed sales for a decade.  You’ll notice we’ve leveled off and rebounded after the 2006 crash.  There are likely more sales for May 2013 so I would suspect that the sales will close far higher than 256.  The end of the month was on a Friday so there will be administrative actions on Monday that aren’t accounted for, plus documents in the mail that have to show up.  I can honestly say that that number would be ridiculously higher if we just had more real estate inventory. We are picked over under 400K.  We’re seeing multiple offers on real estate, prices closing over list price and the new product and sales centers are back open again.  Builders are building new homes and new developments all over southwest Florida.

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The Southwest Florida Real Estate Market

Just in case you were curious what is happening across Lee and Collier Counties, total.  Similar shape in the graph for Bonita Springs real estate.  Nicely recover real estate sales and a leveling off.  Again, there will be more closed sales for May 2013 added, plus many more sales would have occurred if there was more real estate inventory.

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