1 A Decade of Historical Jan 2015 Sales

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Statistics Jan 2015

It’s been a heck of a winter real estate buying season in Bonita Springs Florida, this year.  The month of January 2015 was a little lower than previous year partly due to lack of inventory.  The bottom is coming up by selling off in mass which means homes in Bonita Springs are costing more.  Condo sales have also taken off.  There are shortages of entry level priced condos in Bonita Springs especially ground floor condominiums.

1 How Bonita springs Real Estate is financed jan 2015

How Bonita Springs Homes Are Financed

Cash real estate sales remain king with almost sixty-three percent of the real estate sales paid for with cash, thirty-two percent were financed with a conventional mortgage and the rest were fractional amounts financed with FHA, VA or Owner Financing.

2 Condition of Bonita Springs Home Sales Jan 2015

No More Short Sales in Bonita Springs? Could it Be?

For the first month in years there were no short sales recorded in Bonita Springs or Estero Florida. None. Zip. Nada.  Great news that our market has come up and many owners are “above water” and able to sell with equity. Moving forward, we expect minimal short sales and minimal foreclosures.

3 Condition of Bonita Springs Home Listings Jan 2015

There is No Foreclosure Shadow inventory in Bonita Springs

The foreclosure dam burst up front in Bonita Springs, Florida.  We got hit first, we recovered first. There is no hidden stash of foreclosures that will sneak up and hit the market.  We are inventory bare, the market is going up and foreclosures account for less than 3% of our current listings.  Less than 1% of our listings in Bonita Springs are short sales.  We’re over 96% stable.

4 Bonita Springs home sale Price range

Which Price Range is Selling in Bonita Springs Florida

Continuing the sell-off trend $200-400K homes and condos are outselling the $200K and under because the bottom is selling off and entry level real estate prices are going up. The $600-800K price point continues to be the slowest moving segment of the Bonita Springs real estate market.

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