Streamlining Short Sales is The Cure

Here’s the latest and greatest Bonita Springs real estate market report for the greater down town area and the metropolis of Estero. Yes, that’s sarcasm. I like our villages and I’m glad we’re not all towers like the east coast.

What did you missed last month in Bonita Springs? Surely you’ve been reading this blog and the local papers and caught that President Obama came to Fort Myers for a visit to talk about the stimulus package. While you listen to what government says nationally you should keenly listen to what is happening locally. You should let your government know about your local housing and real estate situation. Like this:

Express Lane Needed For South Florida Short Sales

How can a housing crisis get fixed with money when the very banks in charge have no systems in place to deal with the matter? Giving money to the banks is like handing heroine and needles to a junkie and asking them to distribute it to people that really need it.

Because the banks are bungling the credit crisis our inventory has started to creep back up again. Not much, but a little.

Here’s the latest numbers for the sales in the month of January 2009 for the cities of Estero, Florida and Bonita Springs, Florida. I threw in the last couple of years so you can measure the numbers against prior years.


The absorption rates are calculated on the same housing styles I have always used. I’d love to be diabolical and have enough spare time on my hands to twist numbers but I don’t, so you just get facts.


As usual, this data is deemed accurate and not guaranteed and was gathered from the Sunshine MLS service on 2-21-09.