Uneventful But at Least Not Disappointing Real Estate

So I shocked myself by getting this real estate market report out earlier than my foot dragging self. The fact of the matter is that market reports are time consuming. On top of that I like them to be somewhat entertaining if I can help it. I try to jam a little bit of my trade mark sarcasm into every spoonful … try, at least.

This is my rather common, untwisted numbers way of reporting the Bonita Springs and Estero real estate market news just for you. Why untwisted? Well folks seem to think that numbers can be twisted for any situation and they’re right. I purposely decided to break it down so basic there is no twisting possible. I use the basic five building structures:

  • How many single family home and villas sold?
  • How many low rise and high rise condos sold?
  • How many high rise condos sold?
  • How many attached villas sold?
  • How many manufactured homes sold?

If you’re still a conspiracy theorist and think I am able to control the universe start taking your medication as prescribed, please. It’s for the good of the community, as well as your own well being.  The gripe emails and comments on the Naples Daily News column that I *must* know everything (sarcasm) are starting to bore me.   I don't know everything.  I do know that I know more than most people in the real estate field and I at least put forth the effort to learn, do research and give you current information about our local market.  Put up or shut up.  At least I earned my right to talk.

So here is the long and short of what happened in Sunny Bonita Springs and Estero Florida during the month of December. Disclaimer: this data was collected from the Sunshine MLS on January 11, 2008. All information is deemed accurate but not guarantee. Bla, bla, bla, you get the picture.

Here are the units sold in December 2008 in Bonita Springs, Fl and Estero, Florida.


Here is the current absorption rate and the standing inventory as of December 2008.