Bonita SPrings Home Sales

April 2015 Bonita Springs Real Estate Statistics

Bonita Springs and Estero Florida real estate sale barely felt a bump when tourist season ended this year.  Typically, our snowbirds return north and we have a quiet period but this year the market kept pace, real estate buyers lingered and sales have maintained a consistent pace.

Bonita Springs Real estate Stats

Most sales in Bonita Springs are cash transactions.  About sixty-three percent of sales are  paid for with cash, followed by about thirty-three percent conventional mortgages.

Bonita Springs Home Values

The largest portion of home sale in the Bonita Springs area is the $200-400,000 price range, followed by 200K and under.  The $200,000 and under price range is continually selling off reducing that price point as the bottom of the market sells off.

Closed sales in the month of April showed less than 4% of all sales were foreclosures and only two short sales closed sales.  With rising real estate prices, short sales have diminished simply because many home owners are back “above water”.

Current home and condo listings which are actively for sale show that only about 1% of active listings are considered a short sale, which means that the home owner owes more than the current value of the homes and will have to request debt forgiveness from their lender.  Only 3.4% of active listings are currently forecloses, which means that the lender has already repossessed the real estate.  That leaves 95.5% of the active real estate in Bonita Springs and Estero is equity meaning that there is no bank involvement in the sale.  Great news for the Bonita Springs real estate market.

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