Bonita Springs Real Estate Market

Here’s the Bonita Springs real estate report for the month ending March 2014. This winter tourist season in Bonita Springs and Estero has continued on the high speed rail and the result, real estate sales are on fire in southwest Florida.  Here’s the latest and greatest Bonita Springs real estate sales numbers as calculated on April 5, 2014.  First, check out the “condition” of the real estate. Over 91% equity which means, few foreclosures or short sales.  Prices are rising at a brisk pace as the inventory sells off.

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market History

Speaking of selling off real estate … we’re still selling record numbers of units of real estate.  The numbers are actually going to be slightly higher as more gets recorded that were “mail away” or from agents who didn’t record the sales right away.  Check out how many homes and condos sold this year and how many sold in 2005, which was a boom year.  Yes, THAT’S how much real estate is selling.

Bonita Springs Real Estate Prices

As a result of the record sales of real estate in Bonita Springs, we’re seeing (for only the second month since the housing downturn) the 200-400K price point outsell the 200K and under price point.  This means that we’re have sold off most of the entry priced real estate.  200K and under is disappearing quickly.  200-400K is working toward being our “entry level real state” price in Bonita Springs, again.

Bonita Springs Real Estate Statistics

Last but not least, how is all of this real estate paid for?  Over 72% of closed sales last month paid for it with cash, clams, moolah.  Amazing, huh?  Guess what else … it’s not just Bonita Springs or Estero that’s running with heavy cash.  Bonita Springs - Estero real estate 72% cash, Cape Coral real estate about 55% cash, Naples real estate is about 69% cash, Fort Myers real estate is about 67% cash, Lehigh Acres real estate is at about 60% cash, Marco Island real estate runs at about 60% cash, Fort Myers Beach real estate is a whopping 77% cash.

… and that’s the news about Bonita Springs real estate as of April 1, 2014.  If you have questions call text or email!  239-273-7430




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