Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Update November 2023

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Is The Real Estate Market Crashing or What?

So, what’s really going on in them Bonita Springs & Estero Florida real estate market this fall? The mainstream media news headlines are dramatic and confusing.  Clickbait has never been more profitable in the United States of America. Some of the headlines may be true but there is a lot of misinformation out there. There are so many moving parts to accurately answering this question.  Here are a few paths to investigate if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home or condo in Southwest Florida.

The Only Thing Certain is Change!

With twenty-five plus years experience as a Realtor in Southwest Florida I’ve seen more than a few swings and dips in the real estate market. Simply put, I am a numbers person.  Also, almost any goods or commodities you would try to buy and sell fluctuates in value due to supply and demand. Not exactly earth shaking news but consumers, often times being advised by newer, inexperienced agents who don’t know how to operate in a shift.  The consumers are either making offers blindly or too scared to make an offer because they do not having enough information.

Would You Buy in This Real Estate Market?

Why would anybody buy in this real estate market, anyway?  Well, real estate and life doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  You just never know when or why you have to move but you do.  Maybe you don’t have to move but you just want to move.  Many people have lived their entire lives with the dream of retiring in a warmer climate.  Someone who has the means to do so can move and purchase.  Sure they could wait for a different market but if one were in advanced years how long should they wait to let the good times roll? With the proper research  and representation they can slip into a new home or condo, assured they haven’t overpaid.  It takes work and diligence on the team to find the right area and even the right property. 

Experienced Listing Agents Matter!

The sellers are equally as unrepresented and are listing their homes with the person who gives them the list price they like the best – the highest list price.  Add to the mix, the fact that there are desperate or wildly inexperienced real estate agents who will “buy the listing” which means they either tell the seller some crazy high price to get the listing or cave the the seller’s ambitious and wildly inflated list price.  All the while the agent knows they will be asking for a price reduction in short order.

Whether you’re buying or selling there are a few things that you can use to ensure the best transaction under any circumstance.  This is a simplified list but here are three minimal requirements.

  • An experienced real estate agent – experienced in years working and in units sold.
  • An agent who knows how to calculate absorption rates. The length of time a property could take to sell.
  • An agent who understands where similar or identical inventory can be located.  Where buyers can get the same home for less or where sellers can see where they are losing buyers to.
  • An agent who is studying the incentives the developers and national home builders are putting out to attract both buyers and buyers agents.

We list homes and condos in Bonita Springs and Estero Florida not only using these skills but a variety of other proprietary calculations and marketing techniques.  If you’d like to learn more schedule a call 239-273-7430 or strategy session today.