Bonita Springs Snow Birds

Our Market Isn't Dead, It's Just Different

Hey, we're all reading the same papers and watching the same news on TV. Those same news portals have nearly convinced people that the Bonita Springs real estate market is as dead as a door nail. You've undoubtedly heard some new terms in the last year: Short Sale, Foreclosure, Pre-Foreclosure, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, NOD - Notice of Default, Distress Sale. I'm not blowing smoke and saying that the real estate market isn't without it's challenges. I'm not saying that there isn't one heck of a learning curve we've all been on this year, either. I'm just saying that in spite of the new catchy words we've learned and the bad news we hear almost daily that real estate is selling in Bonita Springs.

There are savvy snow birds are out in force looking for their Florida home. Those buyers and investors who licked their wounds when they got priced out of our market are back. They're doing their home work, finding deals and they're drop dead serious when they're putting in offers. I've just negotiated my second deal in the last three weeks with multiple offers and a bidding war for a property. Yes, I'm serious. Our market isn't dead, it's just different.

Serious Seller's are risking that their property gets lost in a sea of heavy inventory unless they get real about selling. In order to get their Bonita Springs home or condo noticed they have to price it well, at a price that will get noticed. They're also making sure their home is show ready, in tip top shape. It doesn't take buyers long to find these gems, and when they do the contracts start flying. The real estate market is, what it is. If you want to sell your Bonita Springs real estate, you need to put on your big girl or big boy britches and price your property to appraise and also price it to stand out in the market and get it model home clean.