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One of the most frequent questions I get from buyers about real estate is, “How much are the taxes?”  There are a variety of reasons why real estate taxes vary from property to property, even when they have identical floor plans.  You can literally be looking at two homes, cookie cutter versions of each other and have the taxes be hundreds if not thousands of dollars in difference.

A few variables that can effect the taxes on a home are discounts for:

  • Homestead exemption
  • Disability exemption
  • Widow or Widower exemption
  • Seniors exemption

The county’s property appraiser website has a handy Lee County Tax Estimator Feature

There’s disclaimers, it’s only an estimate.  Don’t run out and get a tattoo of your estimated taxes on your back or anything.  It may not take into consideration other items such as a CDD or a community development district that could also be on your tax bill. 

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Another fine resource is here:  Lee County Property Appraiser.