Real Estate Strategies June/July 2022
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The snowbird, seasonal residents have flown north in mass for the first time in a couple of years.  The easing up of covid restrictions has made an impact.

We have felt a shift in the SWFL and Bonita Springs real estate market. Here are a few items of note:

  • Some of the second home buyer pool has flown north.
  • We are having our "graduation lull" in the market for the first time in 2 years.
  • Interest rates have gone up a little. 
  • Inventory has not piled up but it's given the market some slack to slow it down.  
  • Builders handed out Realtor incentives for us to bring in buyers!
  • Not all sellers get multiple offers and there are now price reductions!
  • We have seen homes that pend sale bounce back on market - cold feet! Back up offers!
  • Record low rental inventory so winter snowbirds will buy if they can't find a rental.
The Bonita Springs real estate market is giving you a pause to plan your next move.  It may be renting, it may be buying, it may be staying put where you're at. The one surefire way to find a home to move into or secure a seasonal, second home is to be prepared for when an opportunity reveals itself.  Here are five points we will cover when you book a buyer strategy session with us.
  • Restructure your property search to deliver what you need & optional alternatives.
  • If you're financing, get you underwritten with a fast-pass mortgage.
  • Show you which communities to avoid if they aren't in your annual HOA budget
  • Bring you to speed on insurance for homes with potential issues.
  • Demonstrate how both escalation clauses & back up offers may work for you.
BOOK NOW so that we are able to help you dial in on the property search and neighborhood amenities that best suit your wish list, your budget and your lifestyle. We will also get you up to speed on latest negotiating techniques we use to leverage winning contracts for our buyers in this unbelievably competitive real estate market. There is still less than one month of inventory in many neighborhoods, so let us help you create a game plan for your visit before you arrive!  If you missed the last real estate market report it's right --> Here! The new report will be out on the 15th.

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