Lucrecia the Possum

How to Trap a Possum in Bonita Springs

Part Deaux

As you man recall, Lumberjack the Bonita Springs Animal Trapper carried off Hector the Possum to greener pastures, just a few weeks ago.  It was a Havahart trap, so don't get upset.  I love critters, just not under my house. 

Well now, the saga continues.  I have heard strange noises under and around the  house the last few nights.  Armed with a hockey stick and a flashlight I have not been able to find out what it is.  5 Days of Havahart trap stocked with an apple produced nothing...until this morning.  Meet Lucrecia, Hector's wife (i'm guessing by the lonely, yearning look in her eye).    See Lucrecia, see Lucrecia get relocated to Bonita Grande Road to be reunited with Hector, her stud muffin.

Lumberjack is on his way over right now.  Bless his heart, he's a big softy and animal lover, too.  He promises to let her go at the same place Hector is now calling home.

I hope they didn't have children.