The Florida Love Bug

Nobody Really Loves Love Bugs

Our love bugs are a mild annoyance, especially this time of the year.  They fly around, completely out of control running into everything.  They’re called he love bug because they essentially spend most of their life mating.  The female only lives about three to four days. 

The tell tale sign that they’re back is when someone crosses The Alley – Alligator Alley.  The whole front of the car is black with the remains of love bugs that just weren’t smart enough to get out of the way.  If you don’t removed their carcasses right away they dry like glue and could even damage the paint.

Let’s see how bad they are this year.  A few years back it was the the mating-bug version of “The Birds”.  It gave us something to talk about.  Bonita Springs is pretty quiet in the summer.