New Construction – Builder Product – Spec Homes

Thinking of purchasing new construction or builder product in the Bonita Springs and Estero Florida area?  You should consider using a Realtor for your new construction purchase to get the most information and widest exposure to the most suitable real estate in your budget and search criteria. 

Since real estate customs vary all over the country and all over the world many real estate buyers wonder how working with a real estate agent works with new construction or builder product.  There are a few things you should consider and know before you begin a search for new construction in Bonita Springs, Florida.

  1. New construction is on fire in Bonita Springs and Estero Florida area.  Our real estate market is recovered and we’re short of quality real estate inventory especially under $400,000.  The developers and builders have recognized that deficiency and they’re building like gang busters.
  2. Builders and developers actually encourage and welcome home buyers to use a Realtor for purchasing new construction.  The developers know that real estate agents are always working with buyers and they cooperate fully with the business relationship.  They’ve even built the buyer’s agent real estate commission into their marketing fee. There is no added cost to a buyer for Realtor representation in a model home sales center for new construction purchases.
  3. Your Realtor will likely have worked the area and the real estate market in which you’re shopping they will be able to show you properties that better suit your “wish list” saving you time.  This is especially handy if you’re flying to Bonita Springs for only a a short visit to purchase a new home. A great real estate agent will have previewed the new construction and possibly registered you in advance of your tour.
  4. Both new construction and resale real estate can be available in some neighborhoods. Kill two birds with one stone by seeing what’s available so that you won’t miss a great bargain or opportunity. Your real estate agent can make appointments for resale homes to compare on the same day that you visit the model home center.
  5. Believe it or not, experienced real estate agents can help you sort through what you saw “at the end of the day”.  Touring multiple sales centers can be overwhelming.  At the end of the tour you’ll need someone to help you sort through what you’ve seen and should you decide to purchase new construction they can help you make important selections such as upgrades, additional options and home sites so that you you see returns in the future when you have to sell the home.
  6. Your real estate agent can also help you negotiate, when appropriate, incentives, upgrades, home sites and price when you purchase new construction.
  7. Often times, your real estate agent may also know of similar product in a different community that is a better value or offers incentives so find an agent experienced with new construction.  They may also help you choose the best value looking forward with the anticipated real estate market conditions.
  8. Some things sound more glamorous than they really are. Your Realtor can help educate you on local terms like “decorator ready” and “CDD” and many others.

A few things to remember when you’re buying new construction and using a real estate agent; real estate agents don’t get paid unless they’re involved with your transaction. Your loyalty to the business relationship is a must. This will require you attending the model home sales center with your agent and “registering” with them.  It only takes a moment or two.  Again, there is no added cost to a buyer looking for new construction who utilizes Realtor representation.

If you have questions about new construction in Bonita Springs Florida contact Chris Griffith. 239-273-7430.  Chris is a Certified New Home Specialist and a 14 year veteran Realtor of the Bonita Springs real estate market.