Dog Bonita Springs

Just a Couple of Bucks For The Humane Society?

This is a greyhound dog mobile. I was leaving the home I just helped a buyer in Hunter's Ridge purchase when I saw this in traffic. I am not particularly fond of these trucks. You might see a few of them around Bonita Springs because there is actually a dog track here. Breeders raise dogs strictly for racing them. The dogs have a short career and a less than glamorous life. In the past there has been questionable happenings with the dogs about how they were cared for or how they died. I think the whole thing is sordid and I choose to not participate in anything that has to do with hurting animals even if it's just a rumor.

Sometimes you just have to take a little bit of the ugly with the good, right? It's the price for living in paradise. So today you have to see a picture of a dog mobile and hear me make a plea to donate money to your local animal shelter. With the Southwest Florida economy slowing and more and more people moving around, losing their jobs or just pinching pennies, the shelters are literally bursting at the seams with animals that owners are abandoning. If you have it in your heart to take in a new family pet, this is definitely the time. If you can't take in a pet then just give a little money or a bag of dog food so that the animals can be taken care of. The abandoned animals can't help themselves and need us to give them a home, a full belly and a second chance at life.

Gulfcoast Humane Society serves Lee County, Florida which includes Estero and Bonita Springs. They have a great website right here: where you can make a cash donation. If seeing all of those little eyes hoping for a home is too much for you to bear just put $10 on your Visa and skip that Starbucks Coffee today. You didn't need a 500 calorie cup of coffee anyway, did you? The shelter also has a WISH LIST so if you prefer you can purchase products they *wish* they had and deliver it to the shelter.

It really is that easy to help.