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The Southwest Florida and Bonita Springs area has not gone without insurance growing pains.  A few years ago, after a succession of storms, big insurance dumped us.  Almost every one of us lost our insurance; cancelled on the spot.  Shamefully, our government allowed it to happen.  Our local Bonita springs insurance brokers were faced with telling customers they have had for years that they couldn't write policies in certain areas, usually by zip code.

One of my favorite Bonita Springs insurance brokers, Ridge Jones was unable to write my homeowner's policy after I was cancelled.  I ended up on the state run "Citizen's" insurance through a different broker.  My home owner policy just came up for renewal and I decided to call Ridge and give it another shot.  Lo and behold he has authorization to write policies again in most areas including where my home is in Bonita Springs.

Why does this make a difference to me?  Why does this make a difference to you, as a Bonita Springs Home Owner?  Ridge has a boutique insurance company called Jones & Jones.  When you call the office you'll likely have it answered by one of two people, and one of those people is Ridge himself.  It's the same greeting procedure when you walk thru the door at Jones & Jones.  From phone call to signing the policy was only as fast as I could drive over the Imperial River Bridge and hang a right to his office.  THAT is service.

It is always my pleasure to refer great resources like this to anyone needing the service.  If you need insurance and you'd like to do business with someone that runs a personal, hands on business and cares about their job you need to call Ridge at Jones & Jones Insurance of Bonita Springs.

Jones & Jones is located on Bonita Beach Road in Bonita Springs, Florida right across the street from the Safari Golf.  Phone: 239-498-6499

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