Bonita Springs Home Buying Security

Video and Audio Recording in Bonita Springs Homes For Sale

You, as a real estate consumer, have new challenges changing and evolving into your real estate buying or selling plans, even in Bonita Springs, Florida.  Home security systems. Besides any do-it-yourself security system that can be purchased on Amazon there are tons of companies who make their primary business helping people watch and protect their home. 

I have sold real estate for a long time and have seen a lot of changes but in the last few years I’ve noticed the uptick of sophisticated surveillance abilities in homes and condos across Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida.  If you’re not aware of the technology and you’re a home buyer you must keep in mind that everything you do and everything you say may be subject to recording or even viewing live stream.  Home sellers have the ability, with the opening of an app on their phone, to turn on or off their security system, notify authorities, turn on the air conditioner, raise or lower the garage door, listen to your conversation plus a host of other activities. 

When you walk into a home to look at it for the first time you must remember that and do not do anything or say anything that you would not want the seller to see.  They can be watching you while you’re touring a home or condo for sale. They can also be listening to every word you say.

As a listing agent I have had sellers tell me that the buyer’s agent has not locked the front door and one time an agenty had the front door ajar while they were showing and the cats could have gotten out. Interesting, huh? Makes you want to be a little more aware of what you think of a property while you’re on site touring it.  It may not be a good idea to say things like, “this is it! … I will do anything to get this home”. 

This issue has become such a hot button issue that local boards of Realtors® are now issuing disclaimers to potential real estate buyers so they are aware to guard their actions and their conversations on site of homes that they are touring to potentially buy.  In short, do not show all of their cards while you're in the home.




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