Ugly Mannequin

Save the Mannequins, Save the World 

Months ago I took a photo of these mannequins at a Bonita Springs shopping center.  I walked right buy them and they were so ugly I had to double back and snap a picture for all eternity and share with the world.  I'll spare the business owner being identified.  

The mannequins have not gone without a check up.  I've stopped in several times after lunch at a local spot just to see if someone knew might be doing the window displays...nada.  Last week I actually saw a woman wrestling with one of them trying to remove the mannequins arm to change her clothes.  I prayed she'd accessorize them.  A necklace, a handbag over the shoulder, sunglasses on the head.  Nothing again.  Should I start a local movement?  Accessorize the mannequins!  Mannequins have feelings too and these mannequins are feeling tired and bored!