Bonita Springs Home Seller TipsOven Burner Fix for Bonita Springs Home Sellers

We list homes for sale in Bonita Springs; all over Bonita Springs in all prices ranges, too. Not all homes are located in natural gas communities or have the most current model of appliances. One of our newest listings is what would be considered an entry level condo for the neighborhood it’s in. 

The oven has coil burner tops and they were goobered up and in pretty bad condition. Otherwise the oven looked great so one of the things we did, after housekeeping readied the condo for showings, was replace the burner trays.  It’s a $15 fix that makes the oven look worlds better and also makes the kitchen look better.  The home sellers appreciate that the kitchen looks better and the potential buyers don’t get hung up on some of the smaller details that are considered annoyances and can turn into negotiating factors. 

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