Bonita Springs ToasterIf you're a home seller in Bonita Springs or you're thinking of selling your home you need to read this.

Do you know what a pop tart agent is? If you're a buyer a seller or another agent, you need to know if you don't know. Here's the skinny:

  1. A pop tart agent gets a phone call and runs out the door to let someone in a property know little to know information about a buyer, their history, their financial/creditworthiness or ability to buy. Just like a toaster ~ Pop!
  2. A pop tart agent has car load of buyers and they drive by a home with a for sale sign and call while sitting in front of the home. They want to see it without knowing any information about it, size, price, number of bedroom, if it remotely fits their buyers needs.

I've dealt with a few pop tart agents recently with regard to my Bonita Springs real estate listings. My seller's have been good sports about, so far. I feel pressured into the showing because in some areas our market languishes and every buyer is to be valued, no matter how unqualified. I do let the seller choose whether or not to accommodate short notice showings. They can always say no. Basically, it's a crap shoot and the odds really stink that a buyer is going to be found like this.

A few days ago a pop tart number called me AFTER speaking to MY SELLER client in the front yard. She wanted in RIGHT AWAY with her car load of buyers (four adults and two children). I first thanked her in advance to NEVER speak to my seller again without my permission.

  • She then informed me that she was from a city over one hour away.
  • She is not a member of either of our board's of Realtors.
  • She cannot access our lockbox.
  • She wants me to take her word for it (on the phone) that she is, in fact, a licensee and wants my seller to vacate for the showing and leave the door unlocked for her.
  • She calls me from a location that is so loud I can barely understand her.

What are the odds that this is a sale in the near future?

Does it sound like ANY research was done to help the buyers really find the RIGHT house for them? It's aggravating for me because I do my best to drop everything I'm doing to accommodate the pop tart showing, knowing full well that I'm dealing with a licensee [or maybe not even], not a professional real estate agent. True professional agents don't do stuff like this.

Recent events have inspired me to fully explain pop tarts to my seller and not only to not get their hopes up but to not believe that everyone is a home shopper. Some people aren't honest and that's ANOTHER job good listing agents in Bonita Springs have. Anyone can be a target for pop tart posers but here are a few examples of those that should be especially vigilant.

  • Young pregnant women
  • Mothers of newborns
  • Children or teenagers
  • People who may have weaknesses or illness
  • People that may have valuables, collectibles or expensive pets

Seller's of real estate need to understand how to and protect themselves, their families and their homes. It is not safe to speak with or let enter into your home anyone that hasn't been screened by your listing agent. If you're ever asked by someone who says they are a real estate agent to let them in your home, say no. The answer is no, you may call my agent and make an appointment at a more convenient time when we have time to prepare. A little bit of screening can help determine if they are in fact, a legitimate real estate agent that should even be in your home to begin with.