Bonita Springs home listings stats

How Many Short Sales & Foreclosures Are There?

So, if you're a potential Buyer of Bonita Springs real estate you might want to know and understand exactly what market you're shopping in.  How many foreclosures are there? How many short sales are there?  Many home buyers come to the Bonita Springs area hoping to find a short sale or foreclosure and they don't understand the market before they walk of the plane at RSW. 

Well, here’s the skinny.  We have very few distressed properties for sale right now.  1.5% of our active listings are short sales and less than 3.5% of our listings are foreclosed.  That means that Bonita Springs real estate buyers are dealing with owners, negotiations go quickly and you can close on a home weeks later instead of months down the road like “the good ole days” of short sales.

You’re likely to experience multiple offers when bidding, especially the closer the home price is to entry level pricing.  Pickin’s are slim and we’re only going into “season”. Under $200K there are only about 4 months of inventory for sale at this time.

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