Naples Home Expo

Naples Home Expo

My third least favorite store to go to besides Best Buy and Ace Hardware.... No offense, I'm just not a shopper.  Having just completed a remodel in my own Bonita Springs home the Home Expo signifies to me only lost weekends and extensive drywall dust, the likes of which I'm still dealing with.  (Sorry about the preposition at the end of that sentence I'm to lazy to restructure today.)  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy looking the Expo on occasion just because it's so beautiful and everything is organized just so.  Just like a book store.  Its presentation seduces you into believing ...

"Buy this neatly organized stuff and your house will look  this good"

No, you still have the same house when you buy that stuff; it's just that now you have a great set of wicker laundry baskets to put in the middle of your dirty laundry.  They don't show you the dirty laundry at Home Expo.  You get the neatly packaged, sanitized version of how we all want our lives to look.  I almost fell for it last night at Z Gallery at Coconut Point, too. 

So enjoy this lovely photo of the Naples Home Expo.  I will share with you that I was laying in a chaise lounge chair, when I snapped this photo, waiting for something that is getting special ordered to be processed.  For the record, the lanai furniture is fantastic.  I've test driven every chaise lounge there.  They even have those tall, stainless steel, restaurant style outside heaters for patio's.  Yes, you northerners, it does get cool enough for us to use them. 

If you're looking for the Naples Home Expo its at the Southeast Corner of US 41-Tamiami Trail and Immokalee Road, a few miles south of the Bonita Springs, Lee County line.  You know, the plaza with PF Changs, Earth Outfitters, Pier 1 Imports and Borders Books.